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Gotabaya anointed SLPP candidate for Presidency

Leader of the opposition and the Podujana Peramuna Mahinda Rajapaksa anointed his younger brother Gotabaya Rajapaksa as the candidate of the new party led by him for the forthcoming presidential election at the first-ever convention of the SLPP at the Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium in Colombo a short while ago.

Before he made the much anticipated and expected announcement Mahinda said that “Time has declared us free and completely acquitted us of all the charges against us during the past few years.”

He said that the country has been asking for a leader that “will bring discipline and order to the country and our society.”

This is not just my choice, Mahinda said “you have been telling me this in numerous calls you have given me asking for him.”

The elder Rajapaksa said the people of Sri Lanka “need a country that is safe. We need a country that does not let the country be always looking out of the terrorists.”

“Our people want to live in a country where the parents don’t have to be playing security guarfs at the schools,” he said.

A few years ago Mahinda asked “could have a Tamil person dreamed of sending a child alone by train to Colombo.”

He said that “we need bring a person who showed that has done work and showed that he can achieve.”

For me what is needed is the choice of the country. The country needs a honest, brave person who will work towards a good future for the youth.

A good man who will build a future. Even if I had not chosen him he has won your hearts.





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