Govt compensation for Sri Lanka garbage disaster victims

ECONOMYNEXT – The Sri Lankan government is to make an immeidate insuracne payment to victims of a disaster in the capital Colombo where the collapse of a huge garbage mountain killed more than 15 people and damaged many houses.

The government will pay 100,000 rupees to the families of every individual killed in the Meethotamulla disaster and up to 2.5 million rupees for property damages, a statement said.

The death toll reached 15 by Saturday, according to the Colombo National Hospital, but local officials and volunteers said another 12-15 people were thought to be missing.

The statement said the finance ministry had released funds to provide food to the victims and to relocate those affeected by the disaster.

Police said 145 homes had been destroyed in Friday’s garbage dump collapse. Several homes had simply disappeared under several meters of rubbish.

Authorities have temporarily relocated 625 people from 180 families who lived in the neighbourhood.
(COLOMBO, April 17, 2017)

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