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Govt has fulfilled all obligations since Easter attacks – President

Rebuffing critics, President Maithripala Sirisena yesterday (22 July) said the Government has fulfilled all its obligations since the Easter Sunday bombings.

Not only has the terrorist organisation behind the attack been destroyed, he said, but impartial and independent investigations into the incidents are currently underway.

Addressing the ‘Sathviru Abiman 2019’ held at the Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium in Colombo yesterday afternoon, the President told his critics not to reveal their political agenda when making their criticisms.

Sirisena also cautioned against allowing personal and political agendas to cloud the judgements of everyone eager to reach their own conclusions.

Insisting that he is a leader who respects all religions and worships every religious leader, the President said: “If there is a problem, anyone can openly discuss it with me. They can even do so in front of the media.”

Although some have tried to portray him as a leader without a backbone, said Sirisena, he has amply demonstrated to the country that he was a strong leader in the 2015 presidential election and on many other occasions.

Those who have the backbone should not criticise but join the Government to build the nation by supporting the struggle to save the country from racketeers, criminals and corrupt people, he said. 

“While criticism is needed, it should not be serious criticism that misleads the country and the public and embarrasses a government,” he added.

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