Govt has not controlled the Rice Mafia – UNP

The United National Party (UNP) today (24) blamed the Government for failing to control the rice mafia in the country.

Addressing the media at the Opposition Leader’s Office this morning, UNP Parliamentarian Mujibur Rahman pointed out that the rice being sold at Rs. 98 is not suitable for human consumption.

“No matter what the Government says, the rice sold at Rs 98 is not in a condition for the people to consume. Whilst consuming the rice sold at Rs 160 and Rs 165 the Ministers ask the people to consume rice priced at Rs. 98 which is only good for horses ” Rahman said.

The MP further stressed it is apparent that only a few people control the whole rice market at present.

“Today the Government has failed to control the rice mafia. The Government came into power promising to end the drug mafia and the underworld mafia but it has failed to do so” Rahman added.

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