Govt has stopped salary and pension increments of public servants – UNP

ECONOMYNEXT – The main opposition United National Party is accusing the government of suspending the salary and pension increments of state sector employees which they should have received from 1st January 2020.

UNP MP Harshana Rajakaruna told reporters Thursday, that according to the Public Administration Circular 03/2016, the salaries of all public servants were increased and in parallel, the pensions of the public employees who retired after January 01, 2016, were to be increased.

“The government has now suspended the pension increment which was supposed to be given to public servants who worked their whole life for the state service,” Rajakaruna said.

For example, Rajakaruna said, “The government teachers received a pension of Rs 32,632 in the year 2016. With the salary increment, they were supposed to receive a pension of Rs 55,153 from 01st January 2020.

“The first thing the government did was to suspend the salary increments of all public sector employees who retired after 2016 January 01st 2016, by issuing the circular 35/2019(I),” the MP added.

The public administration circular 35/2019(I) states that
the government has decided to suspend the salary increment until the salary
anomalies of all the pensioners are resolved as per the government policy.

‘It has been decided at the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers held on 02.01.2020 to suspend the provisions of the Public Administration Circular No 35/2019 dated 10.12.2019, until the pension anomalies of all the pensioners are resolved as per the new Government Policy,’ the Circular says. (Colombo, February 13, 2020)

Click here for the Circular

-Reported by Nisali de Silva





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