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Govt looking to “upgrade” higher education system – UNP

The Government is looking to “upgrade” higher education in Sri Lanka with a view to increasing the employability of university graduates while also addressing the issue of ragging in campuses, UNP Parliamentarian Thusitha Wijemanna said.

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe will personally oversee the reforms, Wijemanna told journalists at Temple Trees this morning (31), adding that special attention will be given to the quality of some of the courses offered by state universities.

“Some of our children who pursue higher studies in the Arts and Commerce streams end up joining the queue of unemployed graduates. Some of them are in their forties when they finally get a job. Courses should therefore be introduced to the university system according to requirements,” she said.
The backbencher UNP MP, however, did not elaborate on the type of courses to be introduced.

Commenting on the ragging phenomenon prevalent in state universities, Wijemanna said it causes not only physical distress but also mental distress.

“Sometimes students are forcibly taken by their seniors who hurt them inhumanly. I received my degree from a state university, and I too was ragged; but my experience was a very pleasant one. At present, that experience is very different and unpleasant one,” she added.

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