Govt’s responsibility to stop the spread of Coronavirus in SL-Harshana

UNP Parliamentarian Harshana Rajakaruna said that the government should take stern action to stop the spread of Coronavirus within the country.

Speaking to media this morning January 28, he said that the government should decide to temporarily stop flights to and from China as a precaution which countries like Pakistan have already implemented.

He also said there are no face masks available in shops to wear which is the standard precautionary thing be done by the people, “I don’t know whether the reason for the shortage is because they are imported from China but the government should provide these facilities immediately,” he added.

He said the National Action Committee which was appointed to look into the matter only met yesterday for the first time, but by now the government should have taken all the necessary actions to face this threat.

Further, he said while being happy with the decision made by the government to bring back Sri Lankan students in China back as the UNP he said they would like to request the government to provide all the facilities needed to bring them back free of charge.

And added that there is no need for the parents to pay 50% of the charges as this an important matter to bring them back safely to the country.

The MP said that in the past, Sri Lankan Airlines was used by the Rajapaksa family free of charge but in the case of bringing back Sri Lankans from China they charge 50%.

Also, he said that they got to know through media reports the Sri Lankan students living in Wuhan are only left with food for another two days or so as the whole city is in lockdown,

 “So we have the responsibility to bring them back immediately,” he added.





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