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GR pledges support to discourse about “Monks bringing discredit to Buddhism”

ECONOMYNEXT – President Gotabaya Rajapaksa is pledging support to a request from leading members of the Buddhist Clergy to begin a discourse regarding the allegations against Monks who bring discredit to Buddhism.

The President expressed this view at his regular monthly meeting yesterday May 22, with the Buddhist Advisory Council adding that corrective measures could be taken during his tenure if they are proposed.

The President’s promise comes a day after one of the main Buddhist Monastic Orders in the country, the Ramanna Nikaya, issued a decree to its Monks with regards to discipline.

In a letter sent to the members of the order, its General Secretary Attangane Sasana Ratana thero said indisciplined monks would be removed from the Order after a discussion with the thero concerned.

The President also said a Presidential Task Force will be appointed under the Defence Secretary to conduct a comprehensive survey of archaeological sites in the East and to take measures to preserve them, a medial release said. Several parties have voiced their concerns regarding the destruction done to historical monuments, it said.

The members of the council also stressed the need of effective programme to defeat the drug menace threatening the country.

The council was of the opinion that a major responsibility in combatting the drug menace lies with the members of the Buddhist priesthood.

The President pointed out that he will fulfill the responsibility for national security bestowed upon him to the highest level and he has appointed talented and expert individuals in charge of this task. Intelligence Unit has been vested with full powers to deal with issues. President Rajapaksa said that the security forces have been given the power to closely monitor the terrorist and extremist activities. (Colombo May 23, 2020)






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