Harsha resigns, asks to keep Sri Lanka Suwa Seriya paramedic service going

ECONOMYNEXT – Economic Reforms Minister Harsha de Silva has resigned asking to preserve the Suwaseriya paramedic service which takes about 900 emergency patients to hospital each day with an average response time of 13 minutes.

De Silva in his resignation letter to President Gotabaya Rajapaksa asked for the service to be placed under the President as it may be ‘subject to unnecessary interference elsewhere.’

He said when the Suwaseriya Foundation was set up, it was eventually intended to be placed under the president.

“Let me also inform you with a sense of humility that the service we established in July 2016 in the face of much baseless allegations, is today saving lives 24x7x365 across the country with a 300 unit strong network with a dedicated staff close to 1,500 Sri Lankan young men and women,” de Silva said in his resignation letter.

“On an average day 1990 Suwa Seriya admits over 900 patients to critical and emergency care with an astonishing average response time of under 13 minutes.

“It has also been identified as perhaps the best such service in the developing world.”

“I wish you the wisdom and strength to unite our beloved nation that has become deeply divided on ethnic lines.”

President Gotabaya Rajapasksa in his inaugural speech, that he was a Sinhalese Buddhist and the main ingredient of his success was Sinhalese votes.

Sri Lanka’s Tamil and Muslim minorities voted overwhelmingly Sajith Premadasa, Deputy leader of de Silva’s party, who is also a Sinhalese Buddhist. (Colombo/Nov19/2019)





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