Hemasiri, Pujith placed in custody inside hospitals

Former Defense Secretary Hemasiri Fernando has been placed under arrest by police acting on orders of the Attorney General in the National Hospital where he is warded.

Fernando who was facing imminent arrest in connection with the investigation into the Easter Sunday bomb attacks was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit of the Cardiology Unit at the National Hospital after reportedly suffering a heart attack on Sunday.

Meanwhile, IGP Pujith Jayasundera was also questioned by police inside the police Hospital where he is a patient.

Jayasundera who was also facing arrest under the same AG’s order was admitted to hospital on Tuesday (2) morning.

On Monday (01) the Attorney General Dappula De Livera wrote to the Acting Inspector General of Police C D Wickremaratna reminding him that on June 26 he had instructed the Police to name Fernando and Jayasundera as suspects in the Easter Bombing incident and produce them in court.

Copies of the letter without a letterhead and signature were leaked to journalists by an official in the AG’s office on Monday evening

In the letter, the AG says “this crime falls into the category of one of the most serious crimes committed in our country and is considered a grave crime against humanity according to international law.”

It says that the AG considers it “a matter of concern that you have been unable to arrest these individuals as yet,” and demands an explanation the same day.

RepublicNext understands that no explanation has been sent but the Police went ahead and carried out the arrests.

Police sources said that the CID had served notice on both Fernando and Jayasundera to appear before them on Friday for questioning on this matter.





Sources close to Fernando’s family said that three police teams had come his home on Monday night to arrest him.

After the Easter Bombings President Maithripala Sirisena sacked Fernando and sent Jayasundera on Compulsory Leave blaming them for the lapses that lead to the tragedy.

The Sri Lanka government had received intelligence from India predicting the nature and day of the attacks on or around April 8th.

Subsequently at a hearing of the Parliamentary Select Committee probing the Easter attacks Fernando testified that the President had asked him not to invite the Prime Minister and the IGP for Security Council meetings.

Jayasundera in an explosive revelation testified that Sirisena asked him to accept responsibility for the security lapses around the Easter bombings and resign.

He claimed that the President offered him a diplomatic posting as a reward if he were to do so.

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