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Hirunika lodges complaint at CID over leaked phone calls

United National Front (UNF) parliamentarian Hirunika Premachandra has lodged a complaint with the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) over the recorded telephone conversations purportedly between her and MP Ranjan Ramanayake.

Premachandra filed the complaint yesterday under provisions in the Computer Crimes Act No 24 of 2007 that pertain to information stored in a computer.

Even as she is contesting their authenticity, the MP said she will pursue legal action against media organisations that publicised the recordings without her consent.

As per Section 7 of the Computer Crimes Act, said Premachandra, it is a punishable offence to release an audio recording between two individuals without prior permission from both parties.

Section 7 reads: “Any person who, knowing or having reason to believe that any other person has without lawful authority obtained information from a computer or a storage medium of a computer,— (a) buys, receives, retains, sells, or in any manner deal with; or (b) offers to buy or sell, or in any manner deals with; or (c) downloads, uploads, copies or acquires the substance or meaning of, any such information shall be guilty of an offence.”

Premachandra claimed that the audio in the recordings have been maliciously edited prior to being circulated on social media, adding that, in any case, nobody could prove that the voices heard belong to her and her UNF colleague.

There has been no report issued by the Government Analyst verifying the authenticity of the leaked recordings either, she said.

Since neither her nor Ramanayake’s consent was sought before going public with the recordings, the MP said, she had decided to lodge a complaint with the CID against social media pages and some mainstream media outlets that aired them in their primetime news telecasts.

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