Hizbullah’s university to be privately run

The controversial private university started by politician M L A M Hizbullah will be run privately under the rules governing other universities in the country.

President Maithripala Sirisena said this on a visit to Sainthamarudu in Kalmunai this afternoon (8).

Hizbullah who is currently Governor f the Eastern Province was present at this occasion.

The university called the Batticaloa University College and sometimes referred to as the Kattankudy Sharia University has attracted the ire of Teachers Unions who want it vested in the government.

Sirisena is affirming the original plan for this university which is funded by donors from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and other Arab countries.

It was granted approval by the former President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

The President also addressed the current security situation.

He said that we should not allow the objectives of these extreme terrorist groups to divide our country as terrorism has not won in any part of the world.

President also said this was an act of global terrorism, he also urged to everyone to not to involve in any activity that will disrupt peace and harmony that is prevailing in the country and thereby not give any space to terrorism in the country.

Sirisena also said that the agenda on National Security has taken a new face and it is functioning under new plans so that people can live in a society without any fear and suspense.





Further, the president said that he will discuss all the problems faced by the Muslim community with the Muslim religious leaders and will give solutions to those problems.

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