Hundreds of Sri Lanka drunk drivers greet New Year with police blessings

COLOMBO (EconomyNext) – Sri Lanka has arrested hundreds of revellers for drunk driving as a traditional New Year dawns on April 14, the state information office said, giving them an inauspicious beginning for the future.

Sri Lankans celebrate New Year on April 14 to the sound of crackers at auspicious times set according to astrology for lighting the hearth, cooking and eating the first meal, which is expected to bring blessings of a happy and prosperous New Year.

But 283 revellers, who were driving under the influence had been arrested, had instead got DUI blessings from the police.

The state information office said 141 motor cyclists and 115 driving three-wheelers, a popular type of taxi has been arrested.

One state bus transport driver had also been arrested.


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