ID parade for violent bodyguards

Four men who allegedly attempted to assault the driver of a van on the Kandy Colombo road on Friday 18 July will face an identification parade on Monday, police said.

A video of a squad of men in white shirts in a Defender blocking the way of a passenger van and then alighting to try and assault the occupants of the van was widely broadcast by TV stations that night.

Screengrab from a Video of the incident/

Media reports said that the owner of the luxury SUV that followed the Defender was owned by Dinesh Nuwan Amaratunga who is a celebrity Tuition master seen frequently on TV.

The men who attempted to assault the people in the van appeared to be bodyguards.

Police said that the men in the Defender had been angry that the passenger van had not permitted them to overtake on a busy section of the Kandy-Colombo road at Kalagedihena.

The four men who are in custody had surrendered to the police yesterday and today, Saturday, 20 July.

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