Incentives for rubber, sequestration plantations in Sri Lanka energy policy

ECONOMYNEXT – A new energy policy for Sri Lanka has suggested incentives to expand rubber cultivation which can be used for fuelwood and planting trees to trap carbon.

“Contribution of the rubber plantation industry as the major fuel wood supplier for thermal applications will be duly recognised and suitable incentives will be provided to enhance the expanse of rubber plantations,” the policy said.

The policy has also suggested growing trees to trap carbon.

“Existing hydropower catchments and land earmarked for future energy infrastructure too will be considered as potential land for such plantations,” the policy said.

In an action framework linked to the policy state-run Ceylon Electricity Board has been asked to grow carbon sequestration plantations to offset future green house gas emissions.

“A feasibility study will be done by the CEB in 2020, outlining possible sequestration plantation options, land availability and financial analysis,” the report said. (Colombo/Oct03/2019)

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