India burn effigies of legendary Sri Lanka king in Dussehra festival

ECONOMYNEXT – Indians burned effigies of King Ravana and family members who according legend ruled Sri Lanka before migrants from the transformed the island into an Indianzied Hindu-Bhuddist culture like Burma, Thailand and other East Asian regions.

In the Dussehar festival effigies of King Ravana, who figures in the subcontinental epic Ramayana, his son Meghnada and brother Kumbakarna are burnt with great fanfare.

Also known as Lankeshwara, King Ravana is involved in a war with Lord Rama, after his wife Sitha was kidnapped and taken to Sri Lanka.

The legendary King Ravana is labelled an evil Raskshasa (demon). In legends found in the folklore and historical texts of Asian Indianized cultures including Sri Lanka, Indians who colonized the regions refer to native tribes as Raksha or Naga.

However followers of Ravana in India appealed for the practice of burning his effigy to end saying he was a great follower of Lord Shiva.

"Ravans was a great intellectual and an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva and therefore, the outfit appeals to the people to stop burning his effigies on the occasion of Dusshera," Mahesh Gauhar, president of Jai Lankesh Mitra Mandal, a group representing Ravana followers, was quoted as saying by Press Trust of India, a news agency.

Indian media reports said this year effigies of terrorists related to Pakistan were added to the festivities. Pakistan is a country with a Majority of Muslim followers.

Until British created India, many parts of it including Delhi was ruled by so-called Moghul Emperors, descendants of Genghis Khan’s adventures to Central Asia and Eastern Europe, who later converted to Islam. (Colombo/Oct12/2016)

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