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India’s BJP follows Sri Lanka into net censorship with sex site blocking

ECONOMYNEXT – India’s nationalist BJP administration has blocked ‘pornographic’ internet sites, despite a Supreme Court refusing to back such controls, a move that Sri Lanka initiated as far back as 2009, 

Sri Lanka also began blocking pornographic websites during the ousted Rajapaksa regime, creating initial public acceptance of net censorship by the state.

Sri Lanka began banning sex site in 2009, with even courts supporting police.

Net censorship was soon extended to news and information with dissident websites being targeted.

The Rajapaksa administration was ousted in January, with Muslims and other minorities voting heavily against the regime.

In India social media users have created a new hashtag #pornban where an active debate is now raging.

 "First Maggi, then Porn. Government is taking some really tough steps to cure insomnia," one Indian tweeted.

"I can’t believe so many of you are surprised by this #pornban. You get the government you chose," tweeted another.

"If Kama Sutra were written today, it’d be banned. If Ajanta or Khajuraho were built now, govt would send bulldozers," added another.

However blocked sites can be accessed by proxies.





"#Pornban is a step by govt to increase computer literacy .People would now learn the use of VPN, proxies, file sharing technologies etc," observed a more charitable netizen.


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