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Insufficient rain for hydropower reservoirs – Ministry

The Ministry of Power and Energy says that the main hydropower reservoirs have not received adequate rainfall in the past few months despite several places in the country experiencing heavy rains.   

“Although there is adequate water to generate hydropower at present, generating power in the coming days will be challenging if this situation continues. The water levels in the reservoirs are gradually falling and at one point, we will not be able to generate adequate hydro-power,” Sulakshana Jayawardena, the Spokesman for the Ministry of Power and Energy told RepublicNext.

Jayawardena said that the Ministry has not yet decided as to whether there will be power cuts in the near future due to the prevailing situation.

The water levels of the main rivers are also significantly lower this year when compared to the same period with last year’s.

Accordingly, the water level of Kelani River which was approximately 6.60 m last year June, was only 1.89 m this June whereas, the Kaluganga which had a water level of 5.42m last year, only has a water level of 1.60 m this year.

Moreover, the Mahaweli River which recorded a water level of 4.41m last year June only recorded 1.67 m this year.

“Due to technical reasons, we cannot go on without hydropower plants although other alternatives are available. At present we have purchased 100MW under emergency power purchases and 24MWs of that are under construction. The rest, we have released,” Jayawardena added.

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