International rider in adventure cycle race dies in Sri Lanka

ECONOMYNEXT – A contestant in an off-road biking event in Sri Lanka in which over dozen countries participated has died while fording a waterway, police said.

The contested had reached the ford and was advised by those nearby not to ride across, but to carry his bike as the current was fast, but he hit a pothole and was swept away when he jumped into the water to save his bike, police said.

The ‘Rumble in the Jungle‘ bike race was advertised as an event that will take rider "hot and humid jungles, through mountain hugging tea plantations and across the islands highest plateau."

"Along the way riders will need to wade across rivers, ride through dense jungle, which is home to wild elephants, leopards and snakes, tackle 1000+m climbs and negotiate bone clattering rocky descents," the event organizers said.

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