Investors bid to develop Sri Lanka landfill on prime property

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka’s Urban Development Authority (UDA) is evaluating proposals from investors to develop a former waste dump sited on prime property in Colombo city.
The government has proposed the dump site at Blomendhal Road be rehabilitated, with the waste being cleared and private sector investors invited to develop the property for commercial and recreational purposes.

A mix of commercial areas, an urban forest patch and a recreational park has been proposed by the authorities.

Dumping of waste on the Blomendhal Road landfill site was stopped after a court order in 2008, but it is an eyesore and a health hazard with the dumpsite catching fire from time to time, officials said.

The UDA called for request for proposals, and 10 interested parties collected RFP documents and submitted proposals in November last year.
(COLOMBO, Jan 17, 2016)

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