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Issuance of medical reports for some drivers’ licenses to be decentralised

ECONOMYNEXT – Government has decided to decentralise the issuance of medical reports needed for the drivers’ licences for light vehicles.

The Cabinet of Ministers approved a proposal presented by the Minister of Passenger Transport Management to provide similar medical facilities as at the National Transport Medical Institute (NTMI) to 150 district and base hospitals around the country.

The government intends to establish a separate unit in each of the hospitals to issue the medical reports so that the general public will not have to spend hours at the NTMI in queues to obtain the reports.

In order to execute this plan, the government is trying to make amendments to the Motor Traffic act no 8 of 2009 so that the doctors who are registered under the Medical Ordinance have the power to issue medical reports for the driver’s licenses.

(Colombo February 06, 2020)

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