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ITAK throws support behind Sajith

The biggest of the parties in the Tamil National Alliance, the Ilangai Tamil Arasu Katchi is supporting the candidacy of Sajith Premadasa for the Presidency, its spokesman Parliamentarian M A Sumanthiran said.

At press conference held in Vavuniya last evening Nov 3, Sumanthiran said that the party decided to back Premadasa without conditions.

Party leaders had a day-long discussion before they came to he decision “after perusing the manifestos of the two main candidates and examining the backgrounds of the two peroseons concerned,” Sumanthiran said.

He pointed out that there are two more parties in the TNA alliance and the ITAK leader, R Sampanthan has been tasked with speaking to them.

“We will then reveal the reasoning for the decision,” Sumanthiran said.

He denied that the so-called 13 conditions that had been reported in the Media had been discussed with Premadasa and pointed out that that ITAK had never put forward these ideas.

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