Its going to be a plus-sized Presidential poll – Deshapriya

The largest-ever number of candidates for next month’s Presidential election means an outsize poll that will need some plus-sized facilities, the Chief Elections Commissioner Mahinda Deshapriya said today.

Costs he said would rise accordingly to around Rs 5 billion.

He said the Government Printer has estimated that the ballot paper for 35 candidates would be 26 inches long.

Such big ballots mean bigger Ballot Boxes which may have to be built or Plastic boxes imported, Deshapriya said in a statement to the Media.

Also, the number of Polling Agents will increase and the number of staff needed in counting stations will also rise.

“This means logistical arrangements have to be enhanced,” Deshapriya added.

Polling stations and counting centres will have to be revisited and changes made if they are found to be too small they would need to be changed

Counting will also take longer and welfare for the staff at the counting centers will also cost more.

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