Jasinghe asked media not to reveal ethnicities of COVID 19 patients

Former Health Services Director General Dr Anil Jasinghe

ECONOMYNEXT – The government is warning the media and those posting on social media that creating a negative opinion about those infected with the COVID 19 virus is driving those who should be tested underground and hampering the fight against the virus.

In a statement sent out by the Ministry of Health and signed by the Director-General of Health Services Dr. Anil Jasinghe, the Ministry laid out guidelines for the media.

Primarily Jasinghe asked the media not to create prejudice against the people who are infected with the COVID 19 virus as that would prevent them from coming forth to be tested and detected.

Jasinghe also wants the media to refrain from naming or publishing the ethnicity and religious persuasion of those infected and those who are deceased.

He says all the reporting must come from verified sources.

The statement also says that the media should not refer to any person other than those who are confirmed patients as people who can infect others.

He proposed that media publish statements about the disease only based on scientific facts and not the personal opinions of various people.

The Ministry says that photographs of patients and those undergoing quarantine should not be published without their express permission. Images of funerals of those who are deceased should be blurred before publication the guidelines said.

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