Jobs for unemployed northern youth a priority, Sri Lankan president tells aid agencies

ECONOMYNEXT – The Sri Lankan government aims to deliver equal development benefits to all citizens with jobs for youth in the former northern war zone a priority along with drinking water supplies, President Maithripala Sirisena told representatives of aid agencies.

A statement said a meeting between Sirisena and aid agency representatives was held at the President’s Official Residence Wednesday.

“Representatives from international donor agencies that are providing development assistance to Sri Lanka said that they are ready to extend their fullest support for the efforts taken by the Sri Lankan President to achieve goals of development and reconciliation,” it said.

Representatives from leading international donor agencies, including Japan International Cooperation Agency, World Bank, Asian Development Bank, International Monetary Fund, United States Agency for International Development and Korea International Cooperation Agency participated in this meeting.

“President Sirisena thanked them for the support extended by these international financial institutions over a long period of time for the development programmes of Sri Lanka and further said that it is expected to expand this cooperation across a wide range of areas,” the statement said.

“The President, expressing his views regarding the development programmes implemented across the country said that his objective is to deliver equal development benefits to all the citizens of the country while developing all nine provinces of the country in an equal manner.”

The statement said Sirisena noted that the government is giving prominent attention to develop the North and East of the country which faced destruction due to the war while giving them right to development.

“President Sirisena also said that the assistance of the international organizations is required to develop infrastructure facilities including providing a solution to the drinking water issue of those people,” it said.

“Rehabilitating 88% of the people of North Eastern Provinces has been almost done while the President admits that the government is moving forward with the motive that remaining 12% should be completed as early as possible and that government will pay special attention on providing solutions to the unemployment of the youth in North Eastern provinces and the issue of narcotic drug control.”

Special programmes are being implemented for this purpose.





Sirisena said that it is important to receive the contribution of all the political representatives for the development procedure conducted by the current government in Northern and Eastern provinces.

(COLOMBO, 06 September, 2018)

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