JVP will field presidential candidate; no decision yet on common alliance – Handunnetti

The Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) will field a candidate of its own in the upcoming presidential elections, but the party has yet to decide on whether said candidate will be from within its own ranks.

Speaking to RepublicNext, JVP MP Sunil Handunetti said the party will field a candidate, but a decision had yet to be reached on who it would be.

Handunetti’s remarks contradicted a statement made by JVP Politbureau Member K. D. Lal Kantha who had told a press conference today the candidate will be from a national movement supported by the JVP but will also be a member of the party’s politbureau.

“We will put forward a candidate, but we haven’t decided whether he will be from the party,” said Handunnetti.

Asked if it could be a common candidate representing a broader alliance, the MP said that, too, has not been decided.

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