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Kamala Harris of South Asia, Jamaica descent US Vice-President

ECONOMYNEXT – Kamala Devi Harris, daughter of a Tamil Nadu, India migrant who sent to study at University of Berkeley California and British Jamaica immigrant who came to earn his doctorate in economics has been elected Vice President of the US.

President elect Joe Biden is coasting to rack up the largest ending four year of rule by Donald Trump, a nationalist who factor checkers said lied 25,000 times.

Trump is refusing to concede, claiming the election was ‘stolen’ from him. Twitter.com is flagging his tweets as misleading.

“For four years, you marched and organized for equality and justice, for our lives, and for our planet,” Harris said shortly before Biden made his first address as President elect.

“And then, you voted. And you delivered a clear message. You chose hope and unity, decency, science and, yes, truth.

“You chose Joe Biden as the next president of the United States of America.

“And Joe is a healer, a uniter, a tested and steady hand, a person whose own experience of loss gives him a sense of purpose that will help us, as a nation, reclaim our own sense of purpose.”

“And a man with a big heart who loves with abandon.”

Biden returned.

“And I will be honored to be serving with a fantastic vice president — Kamala Harris — who will make history as the first woman, first Black woman, first woman of South Asian descent, and first daughter of immigrants ever elected to national office in this country.”





And to all those who supported us: I am proud of the campaign we built and ran. I am proud of the coalition we put together, the broadest and most diverse in history.

Democrats, Republicans and Independents. Progressives, moderates and conservatives. Young and old. Urban, suburban and rural. Gay, straight, transgender.

White. Latino. Asian. Native American.

And especially for those moments when this campaign was at its lowest — the African American community stood up again for me. They always have my back, and I’ll have yours.

“I said from the outset I wanted a campaign that represented America, and I think we did that.”

Biden is taking over country with deep divisions sowed by Trump, sections of the Republican party and nationalist media with Coronavirus spiking. Trump has opposed wearing masks.

Biden had said he will name a group of experts on Monday to develop a Biden-Haris Covid plan.

“That plan will be built on a bedrock of science. It will be constructed out of compassion, empathy and concern,” he said.

“I ran as a proud Democrat. I will now be an American president. I will work as hard for those who didn’t vote for me — as those who did. Let this grim era of demonization in America begin to end — here and now.”

Biden has a majority in the House of Representatives, which was reduced in the current elections and the Senate is controlled by Republicans who obstructed Barrack Obama in his efforts.

However political analysts say Biden as a long time Senator has friends across the isles.

“The refusal of Democrats and Republicans to cooperate with one another is not due to some mysterious force beyond our control,” he said.

“It’s a decision. It’s a choice we make. And if we can decide not to cooperate, then we can decide to cooperate. And I believe that this is part of the mandate from the American people. They want us to cooperate.

“That’s the choice I’ll make. And I call on the Congress — Democrats and Republicans alike — to make that choice with me.” (Colombo/Nov08/2020)

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