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Kelaniya Uni closed to stop student protests against Private Campus – IUSF

The Inter University Students’ Federation (IUSF) says that the authorities closed the Kelaniya University in order to prevent students from protesting against the so-called Batticaloa ‘Shariah’ campus.

The authorities decided to close all faculties of the university except the Ragama Medical Faculty last morning until further notice.

Yesterday Deputy Vice-Chancellor Prof D M Semasinghe said the decision to close the university was taken as the students opposed some security measures.

Among them are the closing of the halls and canteens after 9.00 pm, which students say is impractical.

Mahil Bandara Dehideniya, Convener of the IUSF told RepublicNext that this closure will not work as “many of our students stay late at the campus to engage in different activities.”

Dehideniya said his union organised “a protest against the Batticaloa Campus together with eight other State universities. Our fellow students at Sabaragamuwa University who protested against the Batticaloa Campus received many threats from different parties.”

He added that the union had received a court order warning them against protesting a day before the campus was shut down.

Dehideniya further noted that the Government is trying to protect what he called ‘degree awarding shops’ which was apparent when the problem of the  South Asian Institute of Technology and Medicine (SAITM) private university was on the scene.

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