Lanka Harness to set up plant in Mexico

COLOMBO (EconomyNext) – Lanka Harness Company, which makes impact sensors for automobile airbags and seat belts, is to set up a factory in Mexico, its Executive Chairman Rohan Pallewatta said.

The move will help the company, which supplies most of the multinational car manufacturers, to get closer to buyers as orders grow.

Pallewatta said the company, which has annual sales of 38 million US dollars, is already expanding production at its facility in Biyagama, north of Colombo, where a second plant is under construction.

 “We export to Japan, Germany, Romania, Poland, India, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, USA, Brazil and Mexico,” Pallewatta told a forum held by the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport. 

“We will be starting a facility in Mexico soon.”

Pallewatta told that setting up a plant in Mexico will help him to reduce delivery times and cope with the increasing volume of orders.

Lanka Harness, which supplies Japanese, European and American auto majors, now employs 330 people.

It gained recognition as the first Sri Lankan firm to make products that meet the most demanding international quality requirement, of below 1PPM or below one part per million defect tolerant rate.

“My company makes impact sensors for automobile airbags and seat belts, the device that gives the signal for the air bag to pop out on impact,” Pallewatta said.

“The uniqueness of the product I do is its quality requirement – 1PPM,” he explained. “It’s the highest level of quality anywhere in the world.





“That means one part per million is the defect tolerant rate – a measure of quality that equals zero defects in theory. On impact, the air bag must come out – it cannot fail,” Pallewatta said.
“It’s the first time a Sri Lankan company embarked on a 1PPM product.”

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