Lingerie to lift spirits of Sri Lanka motorists low on gas

ECONOMYNEXT – A Sri Lankan lingerie shop on Monday stepped into help prospective buyers with a promise of door-to-door deliveries to beat the shortage of fuel and the frustrating wait at filling stations.

Long queues were seen outside depots to buy gasoline and lubricants from Sunday night as word spread that a petroleum trade union was staging a work stoppage from midnight. sprang into action with an email campaign. It showed a woman dressed in lingerie at a pumping station with the following tagline: "Strike?" Don’t worry, we now offer same day door-to-door delivery."

A petroleum union official came up with a bizarre claim on Sunday that their strike was actually helpful to raise the flaccid Sri Lankan economy. The convenor of the previously unknown Coalition of Petroleum Trade Unions, D. J. Rajakaruna said their work stoppage will be a blessing for all.

"Each day, people in Sri Lanka burn about 1,400 million rupees on fuel. By not sending a single bowser (oil tanker) out of Kolonnawa (distribution point), we will save all that money for the country," Rajakaruna told reporters.

The Ceylon Petroleum Corporation assured consumers on Monday that there was no disruption to their distribution network despite the strike called by a minor trade union.

Last year too, Midnightdivas jumped in during length blackouts by offering glow-in-the-dark lingerie.

"Still having power cuts. Don’t worry. Coming soon… glow in the dark lingerie from Midnightdivas," the company said in an email campaign as the Ceylon Electricity Board announced a seven-and-a-half hour power cut in March last year. (COLOMBO, April 24, 2017)

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