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Local Councilors warned against using state property for electioneering

The National Elections Commission is warning Local Government officials and Councilors that using official vehicles for electioneering purposes will be considered as misuse of state property and is punishable by law.

“These vehicles include those allocated to individual Members of Local Councils,” a circular issued to Council officials and released to the Media said.

The same circular also warned these Local Councilors against using any buildings for election purposes favouring one party or another.

It pointed out that official residences cannot be used for meetings that are held to assist any Presidential candidate, or to hold Press Conferences. It also said that the Councilors should not give interviews to Media inside these official residences or within the premises in favour of a candidate.

The circular noted that the officials would be held legally responsible for violations.

Public spaces such as playgrounds and stadiums may be rented out to political parties after charging the due fees.    

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