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Lt General Shavendra Silva new Army Commander – “US deeply concerned”

President Maithripala Sirisena has decided to appoint Lt General Shavendra Silva as the country’s new Army Commander upon the retirement of Lt General Mahesh Senanayake who ended his term yesterday August 18.

The Presidential Secretariat made the announcement a short while ago.

Meanwhile the United States is expressing deep concern by the appointment of Lt Gen Silva as Army Commander. 

In a statement, the US said “The allegations of gross human rights violations against him, documented by the United Nations and other organizations, are serious and credible.  This appointment undermines Sri Lanka’s international reputation and its commitments to promote justice and accountability, especially at a time when the need for reconciliation and social unity is paramount.” 

Lt Gen Silva was the current Chief of Staff in the Army, and is on an extension of service as he reached retirement age in July.

He joined the Sri Lanka Army in 1984

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