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Mahesh announces his platform

Promising to bring in a new political culture, former Army Commander General Mahesh Senanayake formally launched his campaign for the Presidency in Colombo yesterday, Oct 24.

Senanayake says he will heed the people’s need to make government smaller and will limit the Cabinet of Ministers to 20 members.

Senanayake’s main slogan is to end “political ruin and let a noble era begin.”

A respected and much admired officer and gentleman, Senanayake stepped into politics just months after he retired from the Army.

He says he will ensure that Sri lanka becomes a meritocracy, where “the right person will be appointed to the right position.”

Saying that National Security is important he pledges to create “a national program to build a disciplined and secure undivided Sri Lanka free of fear.”

He too is promising a special place for women and plans to “create a society that empowers women and ensure women are treated with the utmost dignity and respect.” 

He also promises to focus on the public service which he says will be empowered by modern technology, will be efficient and corruption free.

Like many other candidates Senanayake will focus on strengthening agriculture and local production and he says a sustainable export-based economy will be his aim.

He also makes the promise to enforce “one law for the whole country” which means special laws catering to ethnic or religious communities will be outlawed.





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