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Mahesh ready to join hands with Nagananda

The presidential candidate of National People’s Party (NPP), former Army Commander General Mahesh Senanayake expects Attorney-at-law Nagananda Kodituwakku to support the NPP at the upcoming presidential election.

Addressing a press conference at Sri Lanka Foundation Institute (SLFI) this afternoon (08), Senananayake said that Kodituwakku must be respected for his efforts to change the current Sri Lankan political system.

However, Kodituwakku yesterday (07), reportedly accused Senanayake of taking away his chance of running for the presidential election.

“I do not have any personal or political problem with him. I personally respect him for the efforts he has taken to change the system. What stopped him from running for the presidential election is not of my concern. Nagananda is a person that should be respected in this country. We expect him to join hands with us in the future,” Senanayake said.

Asked whether Senanayake forced Okkoma Wasiyo Okkom Rajawaru organization to not give candidacy to Kodituwakku, Senanayake denied the accusations.

“If he has made such accusation, I have to deny it. This organization was formed some time ago and we decided about the presidential candidacy. But, I have not forced anyone. I am here to change that culture,” he added.

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