Man consumes acid after throwing it at woman and two children

A woman and two children were victims of an acid attack yesterday (7 July) afternoon in the Godapola area in Kegalle. The assailant then went on to consume the acid himself.

The victims, along with the assailant, were admitted to the Kegalle Hospital, following which the assailant succumbed to his injuries from consuming the acid.

The deceased attacker was identified as Vijith Ruwan Wickramapala, a 42 year old resident of Kanangarapura, Kotiyakumbura, Police said.

Initial investigations, according to Police, revealed that the incident unfolded due to a relationship issue between the deceased assailant and the injured woman.

It was also found that prior to the incident, the assailant had attempted to shoot the woman using a locally manufactured pistol.

Further investigations into the incident are being carried out by the Kegalle police.

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