Man suspected of allegedly injecting a woman with poison nabbed

The main suspect of the incident in Matara where a woman was killed by a poisonous injection was arrested yesterday (2) in Denipitiya by the Matara Police.

The suspect is a 53-year old from the Denipitiya area.

According to the police, the suspect had robbed a house in the Thalpavila area in Matara where he had made the two women living in the house unconscious by placing a fabric dipped in chemicals in the mouths before robbing.

The two women were admitted to the Matara Hospital in an unconscious state.

Thereafter one of them died.

The post mortem report revealed she had been injected with a poison.

The deceased was a 77-year-old from the same area.

Police are also carrying out investigations about another female suspect in connection to the incident.

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