Mangala wants Sajith to be UNP Presidential candidate

In a move that will further exacerbate the divisions inside the United National Party, Mangala Samaraweera had declared that he backs Sajith Premadasa as the Grand Old Party’s candidate for the Presidency.

In a wide-ranging chat with an interviewer from, the Finance Minister said he feels Premadasa is a winner who will fulfill the aspirations of the country.

He said that UNP supporters across the country have been longing for a President from their party and it is time that they got one.

Samaraweera asserted that the UNP is a moderate unifying force in the country that will bring the minorities and all communities together.

He said that the Minister of Housing and Construction Premadasa “has the popularity to win the election and match any other candidate.”

He added that whoever “wins the game of musical chairs in the Rajapaksa family to become the candidate,” can be beaten by the UNP.

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