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Thursday December 2nd, 2021
Bonds & Forex

Sri Lanka sells 3-month bill auction yield down 21bp

Stronger demand for 6-month bills

5 min read

Distilleries Company of Sri Lanka net down 4.4-pct

During lockdowns authorities ban alcohol sales

5 min read

Sri Lanka bond markets quiet ahead of budget

The central bank is offering auction bonds on tap till Friday

5 min read

Sri Lanka sells Rs40bn in 2024, 2031 bonds

All offered bonds sold at around or below market rates

5 min read

Sri Lanka 3-month Treasuries yield up 0.89bp to 8.04-pct

6 and 12 months bids rejected

2 min read

Sri Lanka bond auction yields rise around 100bp across maturities

80 billion rupees out of 100 billion rupee auction sold

2 min read

Sri Lanka bond markets inactive ahead of auction, policy meeting

On Monday a 15.12.2023 bond traded at 8.35 percent dealers said

1 min read

Sri Lanka 3-month Treasuries active in secondary market as rates normalize

Ramrod rate anomaly is correcting. However the yield curve is still quite flat

2 min read

Sri Lanka Treasuries yields up across maturities, 3-month up 45bp

Gap between overnight and 3-months widen

1 min read

Sri Lanka raises Rs600mn from post-bond auction tap, Rs6bn printed

Takes the total raised up to 17.4 billion rupees

2 min read

Sri Lanka Treasuries auction yields rise, one year up 51bp

The 6-month yield rose 72 basis points to 6.99 percent

1 min read

Sri Lanka sells 16.8bn in bonds, yields up, post-auction tap open

Post auction tap open till 1600hours on Sept 30

4 min read

Sri Lanka bondsquiet, rupee dysfunctional amid forex surrender hike speculation

Meanwhile forex markets continue to be dysfunctional

1 min read

Sri Lanka Treasuries auctions yields rise after price control lifted

12-month yield up 30 bp

2 min read

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Sri Lanka rupee hamstrung on decree, bonds slightly up after yield control lifted

A 01.12.2024 bond traded at 8.24 percent Friday

2 min read

Aeroflot Sri Lanka flights to resume from November 04

Aeroflot has been operating to Colombo from 1964

1 min read

Sri Lanka OTC repo platform in operation at CSE

To improve liquidity of debt transactions

1 min read

Sri Lanka fails to sell 50-pct of yield controlled bill auction

No market demand for 6 or 12 month bills, where the price control is barely above the overnight rate

1 min read

Sri Lanka sells 83-pct of Rs50bn bond auction at higher price control

The debt office raised a total of 41.78 billion rupees from the market

1 min read

Sri Lanka dollar rationing tightens further after 'revaluation' of rupee to 203

Banks were forced to ration dollars as supplies continued to be weak

2 min read

Sri Lanka fails to sell 51-pct of Treasuries auction amid price controls

De facto 12-month rate was raised to 6.05-pct last week

2 min read

Sri Lanka rupee 230 to US dollar, de facto 12-month rate hiked above overnight

Bond auctions frozen with hardly any quotes

2 min read

Shing Pee Tao, chairman of Sri Lanka's Shing Kwan group unit passes away

Property tycoon is a naturalized citizen

1 min read

Sri Lanka prints Rs17.6bn after dysfunctional bill, bond auctions; sugar seized

Price controls on auctions have led to under-selling of bonds

3 min read