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Thursday December 2nd, 2021
Bonds & Forex

Sri Lanka bond markets dead after Stage II shock

Bond markets had seen some activity in 2024 and 2027 bonds before the Stage II.

5 min read

Sri Lanka pulls 'Stage II' trick to fail 2025 bonds auction amid latest downgrade

2025 auction shunted to Stage II amid looming sovereign default

5 min read

Sri Lanka has second successful Treasuries auction in 3-month bills only

6-month and 12-month bill markets still crippled

5 min read

Sri Lanka bond yields steady ahead of auctions

Bond and bill auctions this week

5 min read

Distilleries Company of Sri Lanka net down 4.4-pct

During lockdowns authorities ban alcohol sales

Sri Lanka fails to sell 63-pct of price controlled bill auction

Only 40 million in 12-month bills sold

2 min read

Sri Lanka's Lakdhanavi 'AA+(lka)' rating confirmed with stable outlook

Material increase in counter party risk could pressure rating

8 min read

Sri Lanka fails to sell 92-pct of bond auction

A total of 4.0 billion in bonds sold

1 min read

Sri Lanka rupee falls to 222/223 to US dollar at most banks

The central bank provides limited convertibility

2 min read

Sri Lanka bond auction bids mired in uncertainty after 2 and 4 year de facto policy rate hikes, SRR

This week an SRR hike is expected to absorb liquidity from any failed auction

3 min read

Sri Lanka's EB Creasy rated [SL]BBB by ICRA Lanka

Borrowings skewed to the short term

7 min read

Sri Lanka rupee at 222 to dollar, market sees sporadic interventions

Bond markets inactive

2 min read

Sri Lanka rupee at 222 to dollar for importers, lower rates for small transfers

Bond yields up, longer tenors illiquid

2 min read

Sri Lanka fails to sell 33-pct of Treasuries with overnight rate hiked before 12-month ceiling

The 12-month ceiling was raised by 5.93 percent, but overnight rate was raised earlier

1 min read

Sri Lanka bond yields up, no bids for first repo auction in 17-months

Bond investors taking stock

2 min read

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Sri Lanka rupee falls to 221 to US dollar, margins widen with no price transparency

Kerb market rate touches 232 before lockdown

3 min read

Sri Lanka overnight rates, bond yields up after rate, SRR hike

Bond yields up 30 to 40 bp

1 min read

Sri Lanka rupee weakens to 227/228.50 to dollar in kerb market, bond yields up

Import dollar rate fell this week

2 min read

Sri Lanka fails to sell 54-pct of Treasuries auction under yield controls

No sales of 12-month bills

1 min read

Sri Lanka central bank denies 'devaluation' claims

No change to its stance or the operational arrangements on the determination of the exchange rate

2 min read

Sri Lanka's First Capital Holdings profits lower

2020 profits boosted by rate cuts

1 min read

Sri Lanka’s Aitken Spence June losses down on Maldives recovery, logistics

Maldives is open for tourism

2 min read

Sri Lanka rupee 203 non-credible peg to US dollar hanging by a thread

The peg is non-credible due to liquidity injections

2 min read

Sri Lanka sells US$61mn SLDB dollar bonds, post-auction tap open

9 month yield at 7.81-pct

1 min read

Sri Lanka sells most of T-bills offered, yields marginally up

Only 10 million rupees of 12-month bills sold

1 min read

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