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Mattala airport and H’tota port should have been built in Galle-Wajira

Minister of Internal and Home Affairs Wajira Abeywardhana said that if the Mattala airport and Hambantota harbour were built in a suitable location like Galle we would not have suffered these huge losses

Addressing Parliament today (23), the minister said that the Galle district is the most populated district in the Southern province with a population of 1.3 million, 280,000 houses and 320,000 families, and he said that if we look back to our history people know about Galle and not Mattala.

Further, he said that it was the Galle port which was proposed to be built as a historical harbour in the Southern province and in 1999 former President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga laid the foundation stone to build it.

“Now about 300 ships are routed through Galle daily and none of them go to the Hambantota harbour,” he added.

Abeywardhana added that ships which go to Colombo harbour are forcibly sent to the Hambantota port and vehicles in them are brought back to Colombo through the Southern expressway which cost about Rs. 50,000 per vehicle.

The minister said that since the government could not stop the ships passing through Sri Lanka and bring them to Hambantota port, “we look to stop them through the Chinese government and also bring planes to Mattala through the Indian government.”

“This is the gravest crime that had happened to the Southern province,” he added.

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