Minister’s brother detained and released

A press conference held today by Minister of Industry and Commerce Rishad Bathiudeen became chaotic when reporters asked him as to whether one of his brothers had been arrested.

Bathiudeen denied it had happened and appeared to call his brother and said his sibling was at home.

Thereafter a news outlet reported the arrest and that caused the Minister to deny the report and abruptly end the briefing and go to another room.

Then reporters rushed there and began arguing with the staff blocking the way.

Police confirmed to RepublicNext that a brother of the Minister had been stopped and questioned at a roadblock manned by the Army in the Mannar Police area.

Officers from the Police Media spokesman’s office said his vehicle had been stopped at an Army checkpoint and had been searched.

Military sources said that the vehicle had been stopped on suspicion as it had government markings.

Bathiudeen’s brother had been handed over to the police by the Army.

Thereafter a statement had been recorded and he was released, police said.





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