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“Minuwangoda cluster being managed well” – Health Department

Army Commander Lt Gen Shavendra Silva

ECONOMYNEXT – The spokesman for the Department of Health Services, Dr Jayaruwan Bandara is saying that the Minuwangoda cluster which has yielded 1,680 Covid patients up to now is being managed well.

This is the 33rd Cluster we have had to deal with and today there were only 17 new cases reported showing that we are taking control, he said in a statement released to media by the National Operations Centre for the Prevention of Covid 19 (NOCPOC).

Army Commander Lt Gen Shavendra Silva who heads NOCPOC said that they continue to find Covid positive patients from the Minuwangoda area as well as other areas.

“In all cases there has been some connection to the Minuwangoda cluster” he said.

“We are taking all the patients to the hospitals and all associates are being taken for quarantine” Silva said adding that the neighbours and associates that if you are not being taken to quarantine immediately you should self-quarantine without contact with any other persons.

The highest number of reported cases are coming from areas already under curfew. “But there are a number of people from Seeduwa but no decision has yet been taken about whether the curfew is being imposed.”

Some people, the Commander said, are unhappy about being taken to quarantine and the public must understand that this is being done for the safety of yourself and your relatives.

We are asking all managers and staff at these factories to observe the health guidelines inside the plants as well as inside the hostels that many of these staff members live.

The Army Commander also urged all concerned to be vigilant about Covid symptoms and help people who are co-workers and those living in the hostels to seek attention and inform the respective managers. (Colombo, October, 14, 2020)

Reported by Arjuna Ranawana





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