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‘Miracle water’ to contain COVID-19 in Sri Lanka

ECONOMYNEXT – A faith healer with VIP clients who claims supernatural powers has persuaded Sr Lanka’s Health Minister Pavithra Wanniarachchi to try his miracle water to end the coronavirus pandemic.

Eliyantha White, 47, got Wannirachhchi to smash a pot containing his special water into the Kalu Ganga to contain the spread of the Coronavirus, footage broadcast over the internet showed.

In the process, White had managed to unmask health minister Pavithra Wanniarachchi with the results of her efforts so far as the number of infections crossed 11,000 with 22 deaths.

A video recorded by her own men shows her security detail was also not wearing masks, probably assured that pot luck would keep them virus free.

She did not take off the transparent plastic sheet covering the pot before reverently dropping it into the Kalu Ganga.

However, the medicine man himself placed more faith in science and wore a face mask as he also threw a pot, this time into the Madu river.

With virus-containing efforts all going to pot, two other ministers, Udaya Gamnmanpila and Prasanna Ranatunga, jumped in. They were both filmed throwing pots into the Kelani Ganga at two different locations.

Probably in their haste to stop the pandemic, both forgot to remove the plastic covers of their respective receptacles and could now be guilty of polluting Colombo’s main source of drinking water with plastic.

White was more environmentally friendly, taking off all plastics and throwing a clay pot in to the shallows of the Madu.





Media reports linked to the government said ministers in other districts too had been asked to take part in similar rituals to throw White’s water to rivers. No videos of such aquatic activities were immediately available.

White’s claim to fame came when Indian super star Sachin Tendulkar once declared that a “miracle doctor” in Sri Lanka had cured him of chronic pain.

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  1. As a Buddhist, I don’t believe these rituals. I believe in self quarantine, Face mask, Washing hands with soap, not touching eyes, mouth and avoiding crowded places will help to contain the virus.

  2. So this intelligentsia are falling for this mambo jumbo. so why do you do? drink the water of Kalu gangs. instead of dying of covid, you die of some other like dysentery.

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