Mitra Innovation to hire more people in Sri Lanka, expand overseas

ECONOMYNEXT – Mitra Innovation, a software developer and digital service provider with offices in Sri Lanka, aims to incraese its workforce by half and expand operations in Europe and Africa, company officials said.

The United Kingdom-based company will have 300 employees by 2019 from its current 200, out of which 75 to 85 percent will be based in Sri Lanka where it has its research and development, engineering and innovation teams.

Banking, telecom, retail and healthcare are the main industries that Mitra is focusing on, said Dammika Ganegama, Managing Director and co-founder.

These sectors need to adapt new systems and technology and innovate to face competition, he told a news conference.

The company is largely focused on the UK, but has now moved onto Germany and the Czech Republic, and is looking to expand into Eastern Europe, Ashok Suppiah, chief executive and co-founder said.

Mitra also has a subsidiary in Australia and serves one of Australia’s largest hospital chains- Ramsay Hospitals.

The company is expanding its work in the healthcare industry in Australia and is about to win a contract from a large pharmaceutical company, said Suppiah.

Mitra’s work in Africa includes a mobile payment system that they have implemented in Kenya.

The company will be moving into Eastern Africa, and is looking into Tanzania and Mozambique at the moment.

Mitra has been involved in a few government projects as well.





An Australian healthcare project funded by the government and a project in Bhutan in partnership with WSO2, an open source integration technology provider, to improve e-Government services are the main ones.

The bureaucratic structure of the Sri Lankan government has not given much opportunity for Mitra to commence such projects locally, said Ganegama.

The company’s differentiator is the speed of its decision making said Derek Bell, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer.

Mitra has been running on a profit reinvestment model, and increases scale by forming joint ventures.

This has allowed for a shorter structure that speeds up the decision making process, said Bell. (COLOMBO, October 16, 2018)


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