Mob violence hindering attack probe – Minister

The anti-Muslim mob attacks are hindering the investigations and the prosecution of the extremists responsible for the Easter Sunday massacres a government Minister says.

Public Administration Minister Ranjith Madduma Bandara told a press conference at Temple Trees in Colombo last evening (15) that the violence in the Kuliyapitiya area was created by an organized group.

“For three weeks after the attacks the government and the security forces did not allow anything untoward to happen,” he said.

He said there were rumors “there was going to be an attack on the 13th.”

Most people he said were expecting an Easter Sunday type of strike. “But what happened was different.”

He said organized groups “engaged in violent acts. These people arrived on motorcycles and three-wheelers.”

He said that “some elements are trying to blame the United National Party for these incidents.”

The Minister who used to hold the Law and Order portfolio said the investigations into the Easter Sunday attacks have been going well.

“All the members of that extremist group are either dead or arrested,” he said.

Bur more action is needed to ensure that all the loose ends are tied up, he added.





He pointed out that the country “was returning to normalcy when the anti-Muslim attacks began.”

These incidents have been created to put the government in a difficult situation.

But the cabinet of ministers met and took action and now the situation has calmed down.

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