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Thursday December 2nd, 2021

Sri Lanka inflation hits 12-year high in Nov 2021 amid money printing

Food prices have risen 34-pct since the current bout of inflationary policy began

2 min read

Sri Lanka to import rice from Myanmar for US$460 a tonne

Import controls keep domestic prices high

1 min read

Sri Lanka looking to mix organic, inorganic fertilizer in hopes of higher yield: minister

"Chemical fertilizer, once imported and made available in the market, will be sold at a market price."

2 min read

Sri Lanka's Jaffna peninsula may have oil: Minister

Aerial survey data to be analyzed in three months

1 min read

Sri Lanka CPC controversial US$2.5bn re-financing attempt fails

7 percent fee was to cover credit insurance

4 min read

Is Sri Lanka’s pandemic debt moratorium interest free? – fact checked

For the borrowers who did not pay the interest, a separate interest for that unsettled interest payment will be char...

4 min read

Sri Lanka stock index ends steady; export shares gain

More investors seemed to move for health sector and export oriented stocks

2 min read

Sri Lanka bond market ends quiet

Bond auction fully subscribed

2 min read

Sri Lanka LPG fires: testing samples, no composition standard: Minister

New standards were published in September but nobody seems to have taken notice

4 min read

Sri Lanka to largely stick with current travel guidelines for tourists for now

A top official at Sri Lanka's foreign ministry said the current travel guidelines are unlikely to be changed.

Mahadiya Hamza

3 min read

As Omicron looms, Sri Laka health experts call for accelerated vaccine rollout

Sri Lanka now has fully vaccinated 13.7 million so far.

Chanka Jayasinghe

4 min read

SriLanka Airlines loses Rs24.8bn from April to July 2021

Airline had a seat factor of 20-pct

1 min read

Sri Lanka sells Rs30bn in bonds, tap open

All offered bonds sold

1 min read

Sri Lanka bond market steady

price increase for bakery items

2 min read

Sri Lanka bread, short eats prices up after money printing

Other than water all inputs have gone up

3 min read

Sri Lanka tax-payers left guessing after latest tax upheaval

Exporters may face cascading tax, low margin and price controlled businesses will be squeezed

6 min read

Sri Lanka SOE given import monopoly on desiccated coconut

A 300 per kg tax imposed and 299 taken off for BCC Lanka

1 min read

Sri Lanka warned to get vaccines, be cautions as new variant found

Countries have generally not succeeded in blocking new variants from coming in

Chanka Jayasinghe

5 min read

Sri Lanka President warns of unpopular measures as stimulus hits external stability

Sri Lanka is among countries in the world that has handled the Coronavirus better than most

8 min read

MAS, Akbar Brothers win top Sri Lanka export awards

Awards for last year also given

1 min read