Most demand for 10-year Sri Lanka sovereign bonds from US

ECONOMYNEXT – Demand for 10-year Sri Lanka sovereign bonds came most from US based investors, while Europeans led the subscriptions for 5.5 year bonds, a media report said.

US investors accounted for 62 percent of orders of over 3.0 billion US dollars in orders for a 10-year Sri Lanka bond sold to yield 6.125 percent, Bloomberg Newswires said.

European investors followed with 28 percent and Asia 10 percent.

For 5.5 year bonds, sold to yield 5.75 percent 37 percent of 2.5 billion dollars of orders came from Europe. US followed with 35 percent and Asia 28 percent.

Sri Lanka sold 1.0 billion rupees of 10 year bonds and 500 million dollars of 5.5 year bonds despite recent downgrades and global uncertainty.


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