MPs want media to cover Easter attack committee proceedings

Members of Parliament are asking Speaker Karu Jayasuriya to allow Media to cover the proceedings of the Select Committee appointed to probe the Easter Sunday attacks.

Leader of House Lakshman Kiriella urged the Speaker in parliament today (24) to give a standing order to open the proceedings.

Kiriella also said that the government wants openness to the investigations so that misleading information will not be reported by the media to the people.

“The chairman of the committee has the power to take the decision to allow the media to cover meetings,” Speaker said replying Kiriella

But Prof Ashu Marasinghe pointed out that there are certain obstacles that hinder the chairman to invite the media. So he asked the speaker to get involved and remove those barriers.

Further UNP parliamentarian Ajith P. Perera said that media should not only be invited on this special occasion but be allowed to cover all the parliament committee meetings in the future.

“People blame all 225 MPs for not doing anything for the country because work done through the oversight committees does not reach the media,” said Marasinghe

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