MR says his press officer is an ‘idiotic devil’

ECONOMYNEXT – An exasperated former president Mahinda Rajapaksa described his press officer Udith Lokubandara as a “moda yakek,” or an idiotic devil, and ordered him to stay away during an impromptu press meet on Friday.

Trouble started when the former leader emerged from his official residence in Colombo on Friday afternoon after being questioned by the CID over his role in the Keith Noyahr abduction in 2008.

President Rajapaksa was keen to speak to television cameras and reporters, but Lokubandara had ordered them out of the tightly-guarded premises. This action of Lokubandara, a son of former Speaker W. J. M. Lokubandara, angered the former leader who was keen to speak to the press.

“Moda yakek (idiotic devil),” he said pointing to Lokubandara who grinned sheepishly, but stayed by his side only to be told firmly to get lost. An aide said what the former president meant was that Lokubandara was a “stupid idiot” to have ordered reporters to leave. After the public rebuff, Lokubandara felt very small and slunk away. 

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