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Muslim Ministers to resume responsibilities

Muslim Members of Parliament holding Cabinet portfolios or posts of Deputy Ministers and a State Ministers are expected to take oaths and re-assume responsibilities tonight July 29, officials told RepublicNext.

These Members of Parliament resigned from their offices when a group of Buddhist monks led by MP Athureliye Rathana Thero began a fast unto death calling for them to quit in early June.   

Two other members of Cabinet who stepped down at the time both from the ruling UNP Posts Minister Abdul Haleem and Highways Minister Kabir Hashim re-assumed their duties on July 19.

The Ministers due to take oaths are Rauff Hakeem and Rishad Bathiudeen. The others are H M M Harees, Faisal Cassim, Amin Ali and Ali Zahiri Moulana.

A spokesman for Hakeem, however, told RepublicNext that his resumption of duties was incumbent on a just solution being found for the “Kalmunai issue” where local communities had clashed over land allocations for the Muslim and Tamil communities.

Bathiudeen leads the All Ceylon Makkal Congress Party and Hakeem the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress.   

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